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Building custom solutions to meet your needs, This is our passion. Chroma Dynamics is always looking for that next big project to find the best solution for. From VR, Simulators, Trade Show Activation's, interactive demos, 360 videos,  and more.

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We have been in the VR game since 2013 and the DK1. We are constantly excited about watching the technology grow and become what it is today. And we are pushing to change it for the better with every project.

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Fly through the FLIR Future City in our VR Flight Simulator. Soar above it all seeing how the city of tomorrow  deals with an accident automatically with FLIR technology

Chemestry VR

Building a full chemistry lab in VR for schools, Education, and Training. See and understand how chemistry works step by step. Test your experiments before you do them.

FLIR Simulator

See and understand the world of thermal in a remote cabin in the wood. But watch out you might not be alone. Use a thermal camera to discover what is going on in this cabin.

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